Aboriginal Coaching Module

This interactive workshop is available to both Aboriginal and mainstream organizations who have Aboriginal youth in their sport, social, or employment programs. Aboriginal Sport Circle’s trained instructors will facilitate discussions which include role playing and group activities to engage all participants. This type of interactive setting has provided a fun, fulfilling, and positive learning experience for both participants and facilitators alike.

The workshop includes unique methods and perspectives not found in mainstream coaching certification programs. It is holistic in its approach and includes teachings of the Medicine Wheel, the four gifts, as well as the values within the four pillars and many other issues that are unique to Aboriginal culture.

The Aboriginal Coaching Modules were designed to provide culturally relevant courses for coaches and people working with Aboriginal youth and athletes

Facilitator:  Dorothy Paul

Location:  Vancouver Island University, B356 R240

9aam - 6pm | Saturday June 9, 2018

FREE Workshop - hosted by ISPARC   


British Columbia