Tuesday September 26 | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Facilitated by Nahanni Akroyd | Freedom 55 Financial

Shinguard? Check. Helmet? Check. Financial Protection? Um….
Being a high-performance athlete, or the parent of one, is an expensive proposition. You and your family have invested significant time, energy and cash into athletics. You take precautions and use appropriate safety equipment. But you may have worried about what happens if a major illness or accident occurs – what if the person providing the funding is unable to work, or what if your athlete has a potentially devastating injury or illness? Find out what options are available to protect this investment beyond the association insurances that may be available.

Nahanni Ackroyd is a financial security advisor with Freedom 55 Financial and the mother of a hockey-playing teenager. She is a life-long fan of the Olympics and the Paralympics.

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