Fundamental Movement Skills

In developing and teaching a child, we break down simple skills into key components to help the child learn and understand. Given the opportunity to learn a wide range of physical skills, children acquire the basic building blocks for the competence, confidence and motivation to try many physical activities and sports.

Fundamental movement skills are very important to a child’s physical development. When confident and competent in these skills, children can develop sport-specific and complex movement skills. 
These skills allow children to enjoy sports and physical activities. Most importantly, with a firm grasp of the fundamental movement skills, a child may enjoy a long life of physical activity.

The learning activities in this workshop will prepare you to:

  • Detect and correct basic errors for fundamental movement skills in participants so they have a choice to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle

  • Apply a teaching process to fundamental movement skills

  • Adapt fundamental movement skills for participants with intellectual, physical, sensory or behavioural disabilities

  • Lead activities that will promote the development of fundamental movement skills in a safe, responsible manner while interacting with others

  • Provide stage-appropriate feedback to encourage and develop fundamental movement skills in participants ​

Date: February 28, 2020

Time: 9:00am-2:00pm

Cost: $50

About the facilitator; Catharine Edwards:

Catharine is PacificSport VI’s General Manager and has worked with the organization for over 15 years. She champions Physical Literacy Training and Development for Teachers, Coaches, and Recreation Professionals, and has been involved with coaching for the majority of her life. Catharine also oversees PacificSport VI’s Multi-Sport Programs for children aged 4-12, as well as the After School Programs offered in primary and intermediate schools across the district.

After over 20 years of coaching in Ontario and New Brunswick, Catharine became the first Head Coach of the PacificSport Regional Synchro Swim Centre in Victoria. Catharine is a graduate of Physical and Health Education from Queen’s University, and is an NCCP Level 3 Coach. Her other coaching qualifications include NCCP Learning Facilitator Competition, Introduction Synchro Swim and High Five, Master Coach Developer in Synchro Swim, and Fundamental Movement Skills.

Catharine is also very active in the Dragon Boat community as the chair of the High Performance Committee and as an official with Dragon Boat Canada. She is currently a paddler on the Nusa’Lon Dragons Women’s Competitive Team and is a Community Coach at the Nanaimo Paddling Centre.

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