L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Exercise, Athletics, Development)

Male/Female Athletes - Ages 11 - 16

Island Optimal and PacificSport VI have partnered to offer the 1st annual L.E.A.D (Leadership, Exercise, Athletics, Development) camp! The camps offer strength and conditioning as the foundation, with cross-training, goal setting, and leadership development over six weeks. Each week participants will focus on individual skills in different outdoor Nanaimo locations. The camps alternate ‘on-location’ days in local parks with time at the Island Optimal Performance Centre for yoga, strength and conditioning sessions in a unique athletic camp experience.

8:30am -12pm Daily

Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays: Train with PacificSport VI's Geoff Hackett includes guest speakers + high performance and varsity athletes will also participate.

Tuesdays and Thursdays: begins with a Moksha Yoga session followed by strength and conditioning instruction with Island Optimal’s Strength Coach Patrick Milford.

Cost:    $199 for 1 week   |  $499 for 3 weeks  |  $899 for 6 week

NOTE:  PacificSport Athletes receive a 25% reduction in cost - please email klindo@pacificsport.com for the promo code.



  • Group challenges to promote teamwork
  • Individual challenges – nutrition log book, evaluation report card & testing
  • Mental training – goal setting & visualization plus much more
  • Guest speakers – on topics such as nutrition, lifestyle, career planning & mentorship
  • Small sided games – learn & play a variety of sports.  Each week will end in a fun competition

Research demonstrates young athletes require greater variety in training to enhance their overall athletic development and longevity in sport. Each sport stresses specific muscles, joints, and the cardiovascular system in different ways. By incorporating athletic conditioning alongside and alternatively with technical development, we can decrease chances of injury, enhance overall health, and overall increase the athleticism of athletes.


Build the solid foundation to be active for life!


MON/WED/FRI:  Pipers Lagoon

TUES/THURS:  Island Optimal Performance Centre  

Outdoor Activities

Dragon Boat trip, beach workouts, balancing exercises & core workouts

Performance Content

Yoga, testing, conditioning, plyometric, balance & coordination

Eventbrite - L.E.A.D. Summer Camp

Eventbrite - L.E.A.D. Summer Camp
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