The series will take place at Vancouver Island University on Wednesday March 18, 25, and April 1 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm in Building 356, Room 111. Sessions cost $15 each, or $35 if you register for all three. This series is intended for athletes aged 12 and up, however, coaches and parents are encouraged to register as well. Each participant will receive a copy of the Mental Fitness document from Sport for Life, as well as a workbook that relates to each topic. It is recommended that participants sign up for the complete series. All workshops will have interactive sections to get participants applying the concepts that will be presented.

The series will cover the following topics:

Session 1 – Mindfulness in Sport: Creating Awareness to Develop as an Athlete Mindfulness is a popular phrase that is used widely in our current society. In Western society, it is a term that is used to market a positive, healthy lifestyle in a variety of area’s in one’s life. Mindfulness, the ability to keep your focus in the present moment, has developed greatly in the sport psychology world. It is seen as a valuable tool in helping an athlete improve their sport performance. This workshop will introduce athlete’s to mindfulness and provide strategies in how an athlete can use mindfulness in their sport.

Session 2 –Focus Plans: Strategies to Keep You in the Game Many mistakes in competition usually involve what is seen as a “lack of focus”. While it can seem like a straightforward explanation for why things go wrong, there are many factors which contribute to an athlete being focused on their task. This workshop will discuss what it takes for an athlete to be focused on specific cues in their sport, as well as some strategies to stay focused under pressure when their mind can wander to distracting thoughts and feelings that disrupt their performance.

Session 3 – Using Imagery to Perform: Creating a Blueprint for Performance Imagery, most commonly referred to as visualization, is a powerful tool that can help an athlete improve their sport performance. Imagery has many different use related to sport performance. This skill is used to enhance physical skills, like learning a new technique, executing performance, and correcting mistakes, as well as developing mental skills like developing strategy, problem solving, building confidence, and improving focus. This workshop will provide athletes with strategies to use imagery to prepare for their competition.

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