Mental Performance Series

Join Geoff Hackett, Mental Performance Consultant for this engaging three part series.  Athletes, coaches and parents may attend one session or all three.

March 7: Seeing is Believing: Using Imagery to Enhance Sport Performance

Imagery, or the ability to create or re-create an experience in one’s mind, is a powerful tool for mental performance. When an athlete rehearses a play in their head, creates a highlight reel of images to prepare themselves to play, or goes to a calming image in their mind to control their nerves, they are using imagery skills to cope with the demands of their sport. The goal of imagery is to recreate what it feels like to play your sport. The more vivid these images are, the more prepared the athlete will be to face the mental challenges within their game. This workshop will provide education on how imagery can be applied to optimize your sport performance.

March 14: The Power of I: Self Talk and Routines

Self-talk, the steady stream of thoughts and internal dialogue in one’s mind, has a massive influence on an athlete’s performance. When used with a purpose, self-talk can be a versatile and powerful tool to help athletes in pressure filled moments. While self-talk happens constantly, it becomes more frequent in the most important competitions. This workshop will explain how self-talk works, how to recognize the difference between positive and negative thinking, and how athletes can use positive self-talk to direct their focus within competition as a tool to build their confidence and enhance their performance.

March 21: Putting It All Together: Creating Your Mental Training Plan

Being mentally tough is seen as an important component to having success in sport. But how does an athlete achieve this? This workshop will address strategies to incorporate mental training into your sport, provide you with a clear focus plan on how and when to use mental skills, and provide you with the confidence that you can positively influence your sport performance with proper planning and a positive mindset.  

COST:  $10/session or $25 for all three sessions


Eventbrite - Mental Performance Series | March 2018

Eventbrite - Mental Performance Series | March 2018
British Columbia