Comp Intro - Nutrition

NCCP Comp Intro - Nutrition

After taking the 1.5-hour Nutrition module you will be able to:

  • determine if foods and beverages consumed by your athletes before, during and after training are adequate;
  • offer suggestions for more suitable food and beverage alternatives when necessary; and
  • gain a better understanding of the best way to promote healthy food choices that are consistent with basic sport nutrition principles to both athletes and their parents.

Cost: $30*

*PacificSport Registered athletes and coaches get 50% discount  

**Limited bursary opportunities to partake in these courses.  To apply please reach out to

NCCP Nutrition Facilitated by Bryan Baxter

Eventbrite - NCCP Comp Intro  - Nutrition

Eventbrite - NCCP Comp Intro  - Nutrition
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