Mental Training Series

PacificSport VI Mental Training Series 2019

Sport psychology and mental performance training is a huge part of athlete performance. With practice, mental training can provide a huge advantage for athletes who practice their mental game, providing them with skills to cope with pressure, set realistic goals and expectations, and persevere through adversity. Athletes who do not work on their mental game can become frustrated, disinterested, and lack confidence when competing in their sport. This 3 part series will provide athletes with some foundational skills to utilize in their sport environment.

This series is intended for athletes aged 12 and up, however, coaches and parents are encouraged to register as well. Each participant will receive a copy of the Mental Fitness document from Sport for Life, as well as a workbook that relates to each topic. It is recommended that participants sign up for the complete series. All workshops will have interactive sections to get participants applying the concepts that will be presented.

The series will take place at Vancouver Island University on Wednesday March 6, 13, and 20 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm in Building 356, Room 236.

The Mental Training Series will be facilitated by Geoff Hackett. Geoff is a mental performance consultant at PacificSport VI, and is a Professional Member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association.

Each session is $15, or all three sessions can be purchased together for $35. 

Session 1 - Motivation in your Sport: How to get the Best out of You

Before an athlete learns mental skills that allow them to improve their focus, develop confidence, and properly plan for performance, there needs to be an understanding of what they want to do in their sport, and an action plan for how they want to do it. Setting realistic goals, learning to value effort and controllable factors, and an honest evaluation of their abilities within their sport are all important skills required to grow and realize potential. This workshop will address strategies to improve the goal setting process, outline positive and negative behaviors that impact goal setting success, and give each athlete a tangible plan to immediately impact their practice and competition habits in a positive way.

Session 2 - Finding the Zone: Strategies to Compete at your Best

The ‘zone’ is something that every athlete strives to find in their sport; that place where they feel untouchable, smooth in their movement, completely engaged, and enjoy every moment. Getting to this place is difficult, as it requires strong self-awareness of how one is feeling in the lead up to their competition, as well as the ability to make adjustments to their intensity once competition starts. This workshop will cover how an athlete can create habits that allow them to develop a plan to reach their “zone” consistently.

Session 3 – Hitting the Bull’s Eye: Develop your Focus Strategies to Perform under Pressure

For an athlete to maintain their focus during their competition, they must be able to focus on relevant information and avoid the many distractions that they can face under the pressure of competition. There are many distractions, both external and internal, that can impact focus. This workshop will clarify what focus is, how it affects performance, and will provide strategies for how it can be developed.

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