Long Term Development (LTD) Framework

PacificSport Vancouver Island offers a range of programs and services to assist high performance athletes age 12 and over in achieving their sport performance goals—from community championships to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In partnership with the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, and the viaSport Regional Alliance, our athlete services are designed for athletes in the “Excellence” category within Sport for Life. This includes the Train to Train, Train to Compete, and Train to Win categories of the Long Term Development (LTD) Framework highlighted above.



Registered Athlete Services


A range of services, benefits and discounts for registered high performance athletes available through our partnerships with local organizations and municipalities. This includes access to training, nutrition, transportation, education, and more.

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Sport Programs

Training opportunities and programs to support athlete development and performance aligning with the Train to Train, Train to Compete and the Train to Win stages of the Long Term Development (LTD) Framework.

Sport Education

A variety of seminars, workshops, and conferences designed to increase athlete knowledge across a variety of tips from strength and conditioning to overall health and fitness.

If you are interested in development programs for children in the Active Start, FUNdamentals, or Learn to Train stages of the Long Term Development (LTD) Framework, please visit Sport for Life.

For more information about athlete services, contact Kevin Lindo, Athlete & Coach Services Coordinator.