Registered Athlete Eligibility

Athlete Eligibility

PacificSport Vancouver Island registers high performance athletes who have been identified in two different ways:

  1. By their Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) – athlete meets sport specific criteria set out by PSO  
  2. By Sport Canada – athlete is receiving Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) Government Funding (athlete is a Canada National Team Member)  

Athletes are registered at four different levels:

  1. Podium (Sport Canada)
  2. Canadian Elite (Sport Canada)
  3. Canadian Development (PSO)
  4. Provincial Development (PSO)

Athletes are eligible to receive services for one full year, after which time you must re-qualify according to the sport criteria. Note that PSO’s submit their eligible athlete nomination lists to Canadian Sport Institute Pacific annually. Registered athletes receive an athlete card.

To RENEW your existing athlete card, please do both of the following;


COMPLETE the Canadian Sport Pacific/PacificSport Vancouver Island RENWAL Form

For more information about athlete eligibility, please contact Kevin Lindo.