SportHealthTM is a community partnership between PacificSport Vancouver Island and regional sport medicine practitioners - our SportHealthTM partners - who provide medical treatment, rehabilitation services and medical monitoring to registered athletes and/or coaches at a discounted rate. 

The primary goal of SportHealthTM is to help PacificSport athletes identify, treat and prevent further injury through quality, specified treatment at reduced rates. Our SportHealthTM partners share this goal and recognize the important role they have in an athlete’s pursuit of podium performances. 

The SportHealthTM program ensures that athletes with coverage through the Canadian Athletes Insurance Program (CAIP) or athletes with partial or no extended health coverage will only pay $50 per visit. As indicated in the PDF below, many SportHealthTM partners also offer additional services such as priority booking or product discounts.

Please open this PDF to access the list of SportHealth partners (as of December 2019):

When booking your initial appointment with a SportHealthTM partner: 
1. Please identify yourself as PacificSport Vancouver Island registered athlete or coach. 
2. Confirm that the staff person you are speaking with is aware of the SportHealthTM program and knows the benefits available to athletes (ie. priority booking). 
3. Have your insurance information available and know the coverages provided by your insurance. 

While at the SportHealthTM partner facility: 
1. Be sure to present your valid* athlete card at all visits.
2. Please remember to thank the clinic for being a SportHealthTM partner and even follow up with a handwritten note of thanks - especially if they help you get healthy and back to training in a short time frame. 

*If your card has expired, click here to renew.

To become a partner, or for inquiries regarding the process, please email Kevin Lindo at