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Learn2Ride Bike Camp | Program Details

In Learn2Ride Bike Camp kids will learn the fundamentals of biking in a social and energized environment while exploring some of our local parks, trails, playgrounds and bike parks. Campers will learn bike hand signals, road safety, bike handling skills and build their confidence in a safe and comfortable environment. We will be playing games, doing obstacle courses and exploring daily with many fun activities. Learn2Ride Bike Camp participants must be between the ages of 6-10.

Learn2Ride Camp Competency Requirements

All bikers must be able to ride their bike without the support of someone else; bikers who cannot peddle on their own are not eligible for these camps.

If you answer yes to any of the following statements this Learn2Ride Bike Camp is for you.

My child can ride a bike but…..

Is a little anxious while riding their bike on trails or the road

Has very little or no experience riding on the road or trails

Is unsure about riding for long distances

May ride a strider bike or have training wheels on their bike

If you don’t have access to a bike:

Please contact Aisha Sousa at asousa@pacificsport.com if you require a bike to be able to participate. Please provide your child’s height and weight in your email and we will try to source one for your child to use.

Mountain Bike Camp | Program Details

At Mountain Bike Camp confident bikers with experience trying mountain bike trails will learn and grow their trail skills in a safe environment.  This camp is designed for children who can already ride green single track trails and some blue trails. We will spend the first day getting refreshed on all the basics and start adding new skills on from there. Those skills will include, hitting and landing jumps properly, climbing with ease and descending with proper braking and control, riding corners with strong body position and more! Mountain Bike Camp participants must bring their own bikes, and must be between the ages of 8-13.

Mountain Bike Camp Competency Requirements

All children at this camp must ride a bike with gears. BMX bikes and training wheels are not acceptable for this camp – no exceptions.

If you answer yes to the following statements our Mountain Bike Camp is for you.

My child is/has……

  • confident and loves to ride
  • some to lots of experience riding on trails and road
  • experienced riding a bike with gears for the Nanaimo hills